Jan Vincent Contopidis, 23 - better known by his stage name iFeature - is a music producer and sound designer, singer best known as a pioneer of the melancholic brand of electronic music. His unique style has been supported by major brands and producers such as Tristam, Virtual Riot, Panda Eyes, Excision, Riot Games, Adobe, Red Bull, Davis Schulz, Anni the Duck, LEC, Mori, Deaf Kev, Whales, M4Sonic, Dion Timmer, Ace Aura, Exyl and many more.

Contopidis grew up in a Musical household in Hamburg, HH, Germany and grew to be a passionate Musician at a young age. He began producing melancholic-influenced EDM songs under the name “iFeature” in 2014 and has unashamedly continued down that same path ever since.

2019 - 2020

was highlighted by the single release "Over You" and the track "Evolve the Creature" from the "Evolving" EP, as well as the track "Exurgo" featuring Nanomake, which together reached over 3 million streams and were added to the Official Spotify Playlist. iFeature released on Excision's label Subsidia and was featured on the Dawn compilation with the track "Passion".

2021 - 2022

were undoubtedly iFeature’s biggest years yet, kicking off with his first Show in Poznan, Poland. Shortly after he collaborated with Whales which ended up being the Track “Everything Crashes” on the album Pelagios. Later on, a release on Most Addictive with his track called “Derealisation”. A few months later, a track called “Summer Vibes” on Panda Eyes Records.

He also appeared in his local newspaper and online "Lübecker Nachrichten" (LN) as a singer, songwriter, producer and sound designer.


A collaboration with Valorant Germany (Riot Games), a track called "Dach ist Macht", where iFeature mixed, mastered and sang on the track, and even appeared as an actor in the music video.

iFeature release his Vision EP debut on NCS Arcade as 1/3 "Next Gen" Headliner.